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Safety Management System Package

The new Thai OSH Act requires an international level of Safety Management System for companies in many industries with over 50 employees. This set of safety management templates may be able to help.

Safety in Design – Using the Hierarchy of Controls

This article discussed how planning for projects or upgrades should include a process to work through a hierarchy of controls to reduce risk. The process of using the hierarchy of controls, when done correctly, will help to determine if the engineering and procurement of equipment (or components, ingredients etc) is safe for humans and the environment in the workplace.

Confined Space Entry into a tank

Understanding Thai OSH Law – Confined Space Regulations

Thailand’s confined space entry regulations have been undergoing some upgrades over the past few years and in 2021 there was another.  The most significant change is a stronger focus on the fit-for-work requirements of entrants. This article will attempt to highlight key points in the regulation and also highlight any grey areas.