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Safety Management System Package

The recent revision of Thailand’s Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act of 2022 imposes a mandate for Safety Management Systems (SMS) in 64 industries to adhere to international standards. In response to this requirement, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive and convenient DIY Safety Management Package set. 

This set is based on ISO 45001 and fully compliant with the Thai OSH Act. Additionally, it is ready for ISO certification, should you desire. Our package is made available in both Thai and English languages and incorporates relevant references to Thai safety legislation for your reference

Files are all on MS Word & Excel that cover all mandatory requirements (plus extras). Prepared in ISO format in Thai and English. All you have to do is insert company details and implement the system yourself.

In 2022, the Thai Occupational Safety & Health Act was updated and now it requires a more robust program of OSH in many companies employing more than 50 people. Safety Management Systems must meet international standards of compliance.

This safety management system was built by experts in OSH and ISO45001. If properly implemented, this system is ready for the Auditor and Certification body to certify you for ISO45001, should you wish to do so.

Set includes a basic Security Risk Assessment worksheet developed by a seasoned HSSE professional for your team to use for security risk analysis. 
It is a NEW requirement of the Thai OSH Act that companies evaluate security risks and develop programs to reduce or eliminate that risk.

This set includes a Gap Analysis worksheet setup for you to review your existing SMS agains Thai OSH Act and ISO45001 requirements.

This is the ideal Do-It-Yourself Thai and English language Safety Management System package. It’s designed for SME’s with over 50 employees in the Level 2 & 3 industry categories. This safety management templates package is comprehensive but will require time and some knowledge of occupational health and safety systems.  

Thailand doesn’t require companies to obtain ISO certification but there is a requirement to have a safety management system that is aligned with an International Standard, like ISO45001. Learn more about the updated OSH Act here and here.

Sample Documents

If you need some help with the installation of the safety management system, we can provide expert guidance and support. Our seasoned HSSE professional will work with your team to ensure all gaps are identified and that you have a system in place that isn’t too cumbersome but gets the job done. We can also help you with a design of a SharePoint based system that is really powerful. Check out the images below to see that that looks like! 

To get in touch, click this link to our webpage contact form

** If you decide to use Ashlar as your consultant, we can offer you a special discount from the External ISO Auditor and Certification Authority. 

If your company is listed under the industry lists below and have more than 50 persons working at your business (includes contractors), then the new laws apply to your company and you are required to have a safety management system, like the template package we are offering. 

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